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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog


Students observing the effect of blood dropped from a height

We love the partnerships that we have built with various universities over the last few years and we relish the opportunity to teach and work with the next generation of forensic scientists.

Each of our university partners select a slightly different BPA package for their students - and we are always open to ideas. We can offer anything from an online lecture on Teams, to various face-to-face lectures or seminars and practical sessions.

Our most popular package starts with enrolment onto our certificated Introduction to BPA Training Course (which we can arrange at a discount depending on student numbers). We then supplement this with various face-to-face practical sessions and Advanced BPA seminars. We deliver some of the more advanced-level sessions as part of Student Enhancement Events so that we can focus on providing students with extra-curricular training and offer an experience that they can add to their CVs before they head into the job market.

We work with a number of universities and institutions to deliver training to forensic science students, including:

  • Bournemouth University

  • Cranfield University

  • Kings College London

  • Lancashire Forensic Science Academy

  • London South Bank University

  • University College London

Click here to find out more about our university programmes.

Here are some of the comments we've had about our BPA for Universities training:

"During my third year at Bournemouth University, I had the amazing opportunity to study for a Blood Pattern Analysis Certification with SPATTER/ED during my Advanced Forensic Science Module. It involved thorough online training before the completion of complex practical demonstrations and analysis. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Forensics and Blood Spatter Evidence!" Undergraduate Student

"The BPA training certificate has been a core part of our level 6 curriculum for 3 years now and without exception it has been huge success every year. The student engagement has always been above 90% and Jo's interactive teaching style coupled with her contemporary casework knowledge has made this course a highlight of final year for our Forensic Science students. Jo's contribution to Forensic Science at Kingston has contributed to the course receiving three commendations from the Chartered Society of Forensic Science for the quality of our teaching and practical training." Course Leader

If you are a course leader or deliver forensic science teaching and would like to discuss how we can contribute to your BPA teaching programme, email us at


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