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Watch our short film showcasing some of the highlights from our BPA for CSI training courses

course Structure


  • History & Governance in BPA

  • Bloodstain Pattern Classification

  • Blood Dynamics

  • Bloodstain Formation

  • Main Spatter Patterns

  • Altered Blood

  • Transfer Patterns

  • Scientific Approach to BPA

  • Practical sessions (where facilities allow)

Download the aims and resources for this course by clicking on the button below.


LECTURE 1: Introduction, Historical Context to BPA, Governance in BPA

LECTURE 2: Blood Dynamics

PRACTICAL 1: Blood Dynamics

LECTURE 3: Main Pattern Types

PRACTICAL 2: Main Spatter Patterns

LECTURE 4: Scientific Approach to BPA

PRACTICAL 3: Simulated Assault


Lectures interspersed with wet-blood practicals (where possible).

Please get in touch if you would like to organise group training for your CSI team.

CRIME SCENE professional

I wanted to let you know that I passed my initial CSI training and I have already used the BPA knowledge that I gained on your training course on a job!


I used BPA to help select stains for swabbing at a burglary scene and we have just had a match confirmation from the National DNA Database. 


The practical demonstration really added to my understanding of the background information covered in the lectures. 

It is the most in-depth introductory training I have ever had in BPA. Thank you.


We choose to include this BPA course in our CSI training programme because it provides students with a level of knowledge that they wouldn't usually get.


It is relevant to their roles and, rather than make them experts in BPA, it highlights what BPA can bring to an investigation and helps them make the right choices when calling in experts to a scene.


I was fortunate to attend this training course as part of my internship with the UK Police. 

I learned so much and I will be recommending this course to my colleagues back home.

participant feedback

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