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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog

...And the award for 'best bloodstain pattern' goes to...!

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Jo Millington gave a lecture to the brilliant Undergraduate and Masters students at University College Birmingham studying Specialist Hair and Media Make-up.

Drawing on her experience as Forensic Advisor to a number of TV and Film projects, including Silent Witness, Jo took the students on a whistle-stop tour of bloodstain patterns and shared some insider tips on how to create realistic bloodstain patterns and injuries.

She then took a tour of the fantastic facilities where the students were creating prosthetic injuries based around various scenarios and of their state of the art photographic studio.

Here's Jo's list of highlights:

a) The attention to detail - Wow! It takes hours of work to produce. First the cast, then the base prosthetic and finally to dress it into reality. But the finishing products are unbelievable!

b) The boiler suits - I know that we have crime scene suits, but the students' overalls were off-the-charts cool! Millions of pockets!

c) The energy and enthusiasm in the department - Everyone I met had a massive appetite to learn and just spending a few hours in this positive inclusive space was exhilarating! I can't wait to see their work on our screens in the future!

Great day out!

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