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COURSE Preview

Our range of certificated Blood Pattern Analysis training courses for universities and colleges can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Held at the university or college, they can be delivered as enhancement events, to supplement the curriculum, or as part of the teaching programme.


university collaborations


  • History & Governance in BPA

  • Bloodstain Pattern Classification

  • Blood Dynamics

  • Bloodstain Formation

  • Main Spatter Patterns

  • Altered Blood

  • Transfer Patterns

  • Scientific Approach to BPA

  • Practical sessions covering blood dynamics and pattern classification

Download the aims and resources for this course by clicking on the button below.


LECTURE 1: Introduction, Historical Context to BPA, Governance in BPA

LECTURE 2: Blood Dynamics

PRACTICAL 1: Blood Dynamics

LECTURE 3: Main Pattern Types

PRACTICAL 2: Main Spatter Patterns

LECTURE 4: Scientific Approach to BPA

PRACTICAL 3: Simulated Assault

Lectures interspersed with wet-blood practical sessions (where facilities allow).

TYPICAL course Structure


I was fortunate enough to undertake a BPA course with Jo. Although this course is normally in person, due to Covid-19 restrictions at the time it was undertaken in an online format. This did not deter Jo's drive to teach, as she adapted to the constraints by forming an engaging, dynamic and detailed course on the complexities of BPA.

From this online format I was able to learn how different factors affect bloodstain formation, blood dynamics and flight path. This theory was then applied to a series of online tests to interpret my knowledge gained with the course.


The BPA training certificate has been a core part of our level 6 curriculum for 3 years now and without exception it has been huge success every year.


The student engagement has always been above 90% and Jo's interactive teaching style coupled with her contemporary casework knowledge has made this course a highlight of final year for our Forensic Science students.


Jo's contribution to Forensic Science at Kingston has contributed to the course receiving three commendations from the Chartered Society of Forensic Science for the quality of our teaching and practical training and to helping Forensic Science achieve a 100% student satisfaction in the 2019-2020 National Student Survey


Jo has been contributing to our MSc Forensic Science course [at KCL] for over 5 years; she is an enthusiastic and effective teacher and an asset to our programme.


The blood pattern practical being one of the highlights on the student calendar.


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