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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog


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Last week we delivered our 1-day practical BPA training course for Crime Scene Professionals in partnership with Lancashire Forensic Science Academy.

The day started well with biscuits on arrival and then, after a whistle-stop tour of blood dynamics, everyone moved to the laboratory to investigate blood drop dynamics and bloodstain formation.

Students at a BPA Training Course for Crime Scene Professionals

The aim of the training was to provide a foundation knowledge in BPA identification. Participants worked in teams to investigate the factors that affect stain production and discussed how to record patterns effectively.

They were also able to build an understanding of how BPA can be used in an investigation and identify its strengths and limitations in a crime scene context.

A practical session at a BPA training course for CSIs

The course finished with an interactive exercise where participants were able to compare their expectations of the types of bloodstains that would be transferred to an assailant to the stains that were actually produced in a simulated assault context.

The facilities were excellent and we would like to thank Gemma and the team at LFSA for hosting a really positive and inclusive training course.

Fingers crossed we will be back soon!


Participants were asked 'What did you particularly like about the course':

"Jo was really enthusiastic and full of knowledge. It made the course really enjoyable. The practical elements were particularly helpful to put theory into practice".

"I like the practicals and how engaged Jo managed to keep the group. I thought there was an excellent balance of practice and classroom based learning".

"Jo was so knowledgeable and made it easy to understand. Good balance of theory and practicals".

"Clear presentation, explanation and delivery of content, including challenging questions and tasks. Practical part with detailed analysis".

"The way in which is was delivered. Jo is very likeable and clearly know the ins and outs of BPA. Thanks Jo!"


If you want to hear more about our BPA Training for Crime Scene Professionals training course or to book a spot on our next course, email

You can also check out LFSA's portfolio of professional CPD courses on their website:


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