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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog


We recently delivered our 40-hour residential Basic BPA Training Course for the first time at our new partner venue, The Emergency Planning College (EPC), in the North of England.

We have delivered BPA training at some remarkable venues over the years, but the EPC was spectacular - fantastic teaching space, friendly team and comfortable accommodation ... and the puddings were off the charts!

During the week, participants from the Metropolitan Police Service, Staffordshire Police, EMSOU and Key Forensic Services built an understanding of BPA: starting with blood dynamics and pattern interpretation and culminating in the evaluation of BPA in complex simulated assault scenarios.

The group worked brilliantly together, sharing their own experiences of BPA at scenes and in the laboratory, and the venue provided the perfect place to decompress after each day with walks around the college grounds, delicious home-cooked food and comfy seating. We were thrilled when everyone passed their assessment with flying colours!

Here's what the students had to say about the experience:

"The lead tutors are very approachable and helpful with very deep knowledge base and willing to share past experiences to the benefit of others"
"I particularly valued the practical exercises - seeing how stains are made & the complications helped to cement the knowledge in my head"
"Case studies helped to push the group out of comfort zone and be more confident in delivering evaluation"
"The facilities were amazing (particularly the food!)"

Are you looking for BPA training?

To join our mailing list and for information regarding our next available UK Basic BPA Course (date TBC) - please email

Alternatively, check out the programme of 40-hour Basic and Advanced BPA training that we will be delivering in partnership with the International Centre for Forensic Sciences, UAE in Dubai in October 2023. You can book your place directly with the ICFS and get information about their preferential accommodation packages.


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