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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog


Logo for the Netherlands Register of Court Experts

Jo Millington, director of SPATTER/ED, is an expert member of the Netherlands Register of Court Experts (NRGD) Advisory Board - tasked with setting Standards for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA).

Once adopted, the Standards will be used for the assessment and registration of bloodstain pattern analysts. 

Recently Jo was invited to chat to NRGD about her career in forensic science, her passion for bloodstain pattern analysis and why BPA training for crime scene practitioners is key to understanding the role that blood can play at scenes of violent assault.

There are clear differences between the system in the UK and the Dutch system. I feel the NRGD is a really forward-thinking platform whereby we can ensure that people recognize and implement quality without hitting them with the stick of regulation. I think that it's a really good way in which people can recognize their own approach to a particular discipline. It makes them responsible for ensuring they're operating in a quality driven way. As to the NRGD itself, I think the register as a whole is a beacon in forensic science. I hope that the UK Forensic Science Regulator will continue to follow programs like the NRGD and try and assimilate some of what the NRGD does into the accreditation frameworks we have in Britain.

(Translated, but also available in Dutch).


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