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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog

ICFS/SPATTERED training partnership

We are delighted to announce our training partnership with the International Center for Forensic Sciences. Through this exciting collaboration we will deliver our BPA training and education programme to police, forensic and crime scene personnel at ICFS's world-class facility in Dubai.

Logo for the International Center for Forensic Sciences (ICFS)
Image of Dubai, home of the ICFS


"The International Center for Forensic Sciences, a part of Dubai Police’s General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, is committed to collaborative research and training within the forensic sciences".

THE COLLABORATIVE BPA programme will LAUNCH in October 2022 with the delivery of our LEVEL 2 (40-hour)/BASIC BPA & LEVEL 3 / ADVANCED BPA Training courses. WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!



Course dates: 3-7 October 2022 / Course length: 5 Days

Course fee: $ 2,120 USD

BPA Training at the ICFS Facility

The 5-day (40-hour) Basic BPA course will introduce participants to the science and techniques of BPA in the investigation of crime. The training combines classroom-based teaching with practical (wet-room) sessions along with instructor demonstrations, syndicate exercises and individual practical assessments. The course meets the educational standards as defined by IABPA and OSAC & successful participants are able to apply for industry standard membership of the IABPA.



Course dates: 10-14 October 2022 / Course length: 5 Days

Course fee: $ 2,120

Advert for BPA Training at the ICFS facility

The 5-day Advanced BPA course is aimed at participants, who have previously attended the Level 2 / Basic BPA Training course (or a documented equivalent), to improve their BPA skills & attain competency in the independent analysis of bloodstain patterns at crime scenes and provide testimony as an expert witness. The course is suitable for Law Enforcement Personnel, Crime Scene Investigators & Forensic Scientists working in the laboratory or at crimes scenes. The training combines classroom-based teaching, and practical (wet-room) sessions, including firearms/BPA, along with instructor demonstrations and mock scenes.


a message from jo millington, director, spatter/ed:

Jo Millington

"We are delighted to set up this collaborative training partnership with ICSF.

ICSF deliver world-class training and cross-disciplinary research in collaboration with some of the leading forensic specialists from around the world. We are thrilled to join the team, and we are excited to be improve access to BPA training for international delegates from government, industry and academia. We also hope students who would usually attend our training courses in the UK can join us in the UAE and experience our BPA courses in the world-class facilities at ICSF".

If you would like more information about our international training programme please go to our website:


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