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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis news and views from Bracken, our top BPA Dog


We are really excited to officially launch our NEW ONLINE INTRODUCTION TO BPA TRAINING COURSE and we would be thrilled if you could share our news!

This course has been running for many years as a face-to-face course and so we are really thrilled to bring it online! It provides foundation training in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (#BPA) and is designed to help build an understanding of the contribution that BPA and #bloodstains can offer to a police investigation by outlining the science that underpins the discipline.

TRAILER (sound on!)

The #training is particularly suitable for #forensic #science practitioners, #CSI, #crimescene, #police, #solicitors, #barristers, #judges, #lawenforcement, #students, #medical #pathology personnel, casual enthusiasts and #dexter fans!

This has been a monumental team effort and we have a lot of thank you cards to write! Modules 1 and 2 available now, module 3 coming soon.

If you are interested in finding out about the course, please follow the link below:

Hope you enjoy it!


[Chief BPA Dog]


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